Ace Alamillo (b.1995) is a visual artist from the Philippines. He obtained his degree in Studio Arts from Asia Pacific College School of Multimedia Arts. His range of work includes paintings, collages, assemblages, and found objects which often drew on abstraction using lines and schematics. Alamillo is a collage artist and some of his works has been featured by the Scandinavian Collage Museum, Edinburgh Collage Collective and different art communities in England, the Netherlands, Iran, Ireland, and the United States. He currently resides in Cavite, Philippines.

Artist Statement

As a visual artist and a musician being involved in the local metal, punk, and experimental music scene, the DIY culture has paved the way for my interest in the avant-garde, specifically Dadaism. Its aesthetics and the idea of counterculture gave me a new realization to art and the way I perceive art in many aspects. In my art practice, I apply these concepts and theories, in being resourceful, using every material available inside the walls of my home as a rejection on spending too much and the fact that utilizing few available materials is a way to challenge your creativity. I have a broad subject matter, ranging from social issues to different historical articles, and in one blink of an eye, I can portray these subject matters into an art form. Most of my works are accompanied by lines and geometric forms and abstraction to assert volume and balance as I’ve also been influenced by Constructivism and Suprematism. Even though I’m creating works that are in a nonsensical or nonobjective way, it is a form of visual storytelling.

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